April Toronto "Bloom Baby Bloom" Brunch

April Toronto "Bloom Baby Bloom" Brunch


April 27th

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

@The Goods : 279 Roncesvalles

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“ Bloom 
Bloom Softly
However you need, 
Just bloom”
- Rupi Kaur

Its time to add a little spring in our step; bring on the bright flowers, basking in the sunshine and if I’m dreaming – we might as well start looking forward to Patio weather!! I’m so done with the cold, and hundredth ice storm. Let’s embrace the bold, bright and beautiful with some good, good lovin from The Goods (https://thegoodsisgood.ca/) . It’s possible you’ve been to our brunch before – and if so, you know the deal; it’s 100% feel good vibes in a safe space with a morning dedicated to YOU. And, if this will be your first – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!

But, this brunch will be different. 

How often do we eat to simply satisfy a craving, or to indulge just for the sake of indulging – read: must get all the waffles douced in syrup and then need a nap right after. The Goods is all about to help us Nourish to Flourish, instead helping us look at food as fuel. So this spring, let’s do ourselves a favour – lets freshen up ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and BLOOM BABY BOOM.

As well, a portion of each ticket will be donated to Sheena’s Place (https://sheenasplace.org/) ; dedicating to time and love to helping those struggling or affected by an eating disorder. 

Just a few reminders
*Each ticket does not cover the cost of your meal ( it will be pay per consumption the day of). 
* All Costing above is in USD. 
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