August Toronto Presents "I'm walking on Sunshine"

August Toronto Presents "I'm walking on Sunshine"


Sunday August 25th @ 12:00 pm

Bodega Henriette (King)

234 King Street East

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I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!)

This sweet sweet heat, has me living on ice cream and lemonade – I have tan lines that will give any rollercoaster at the Ex a run for its money and even with the humidity, I’d like to call my summer-do salty-sandy chic! That’s right ladies, I’m walkin on sunshine and Damn, it feels good!

Lets get together on Sunday August 25th, and celebrate summer in the six! Find your place amongst ladies who start as strangers, and leave as sisters engaging conversations that will have you laughing, feeling good and get you walkin’ on sunshine. Come out, make memories, dine like you’re in the tropics and all for less than an OVO ticket!! It’s time to dedicate the morning to yourself – forget your sunburns, embrace how amazing you’re rocking those jorts, remind yourself that those sweat beads are just adding to your sparkle – and that sand that has made it’s way to every crevice of your body … girl, let’s talk!

So what can you expect from Gals that Brunch the Six Edition? A community. YOUR community. A sisterhood, of positivity and support. This is the girl gang you never knew you had, but one that can last forever. You can expect a judgement free zone – come as you are. You don’t have to have any particulars, just down to have a good time and ready to celebrate that though we are different in so many ways; we’re connected and intended to build each other up. This is your chance to unmask from being a sister, mother, daughter, student, aunt … or any other labels we’ve claimed into adulthood. When you’re among us, the only expectation is to be authentically the amazing woman you are.

Are you ready for a summer you’ll always remember, with people you’ll never forget?

Just a few reminders:

*Each ticket does not cover the cost of your meal/drinks ( it will be pay per consumption the day of).
* All Costing above is in USD
*It’s about to get Hot in heerre -- so don't forget to invite your friends to join!