July Tortono: Cheers to the 905!!

July Tortono: Cheers to the 905!!


Thursday July 18th

@ 8:00 pm

Brunch Location : The Wilcox Gastropub 30 Eglinton Avenue West Mississauga, ON L5R 3E7

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Get ready 905 – Gals That Brunch is FINALLY coming to your hood!!

Join your local girl gang for a night of sippin’ summer sauce ( also, this doesn’t have to be alcohol … think ice cold, and a fancy umbrella); conversation that will leave you laughing, feeling good and add a little sunshine to your summer. Come out and make memories that will last longer than tan lines – celebrate the summer ( because we can all FINALLY rock our amazing summer garb!) and rejoice in the power you hold.

So what can you expect from Gals that Brunch the Six Edition? A community. YOUR community. A sisterhood, of positivity and support. This is the girl gang you never knew you had, but one that can last forever. You can expect a judgement free zone – come as you are. You don’t have to have any particulars, just down to have a good time and ready to celebrate how the 905 thrives! This is your chance to unmask from being a sister, mother, daughter, student, aunt … or any other labels we’ve claimed into adulthood. When you’re among us, the only expectation is to be authentically the amazing woman you are.

Just a few reminders:

*Each ticket does not cover the cost of your meal/drinks ( it will be pay per consumption the day of).
* All Costing above is in USD.