September Toronto Bodega Dreams

September Toronto Bodega Dreams


Sunday September 29th

@ 12:00 pm




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"I take care of the community, and the community will take care of me"

As the school bell rings, and we begin throwing a cardigan or leather jacket over our summer gear – it becomes clear -- dawn on the unofficial new year is here!!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been years since I’ve been in school yet still come September, I’m game to get back to basics, pulling out my planner and getting back to the root of my goals.

Gals That Brunch for me, came at a time when I craved a community beyond my office, family, friends and motherhood. I seemed to have fallen prey to the rat race of life and just needed to get off the roller-coaster.

Our first brunch had 8 of us; that included 1 of my best friends, my mom and myself. Since then, we’ve become so much more than a monthly breakfast club. We’re a family, we’re sisters united by our passion to see each other thrive, and good food (… of course) we’re supporting each other both over social media, but building each other up in ways I could only dream of.

And it’s for this reason, together – we’re about to live Bodega Dreams

Lets get together on Sunday September 29th; at Bodega!
Find your place among ladies who start as strangers, and leave as sisters engaging conversations that will have you laughing, feeling good, and remembering the power you hold. It’s time to dedicate the morning to yourself – abandoning the myth that all female friendships are toxic and competitive … not at this table!

So what can you expect from Gals that Brunch the Six Edition? A community. YOUR community. A sisterhood, of positivity and support. This is the girl gang you never knew you had, but one that can last forever. You can expect a judgement free zone – come as you are. You don’t have to have any particulars, just down to have a good time and ready to celebrate that though we are different in so many ways; we’re connected and intended to build each other up. This is your chance to unmask from being a sister, mother, daughter, student, aunt … or any other labels we’ve claimed into adulthood. When you’re among us, the only expectation is to be authentically the amazing woman you are.

Just a few reminders:

*Each ticket does not cover the cost of your meal/drinks ( it will be pay per consumption the day of).
* All Costing above is in USD
*We’re looking to rise together, don’t keep this a secret invite your ladies and lets brunch!