Meet the City Leader:



I'm a big picture dreamer with an analytical bent.  My head is often filled with understanding the way people tick, ideas for potential theatrical productions and books that I may (or may not ever) write. My Mother would testify that I've been brainstorming and "up to something" since toddler-hood. ;) Personal style, emotional health and doodling are just a few other things I love. Raised in the Chicago area and recently relocated to the warmth of Phoenix, I can safely say that my love of the outdoors transcends climate-- be it softly falling snow, mountain majesty or the beauty of the ocean, nature speaks my language.  Always having been an individualist at heart, I have spent the last seven years working for myself as a Vintage Clothing Dealer (mostly via Etsy) and part-time nanny, dabbling in creative side projects all the while.  Wife to a thoughtful and adventurous Historian, and soon to be Mamma to triplets, I couldn't be more excited about both the ups and downs of this season of life!  One of my greatest passions is the pursuit of Understanding-- this includes connecting people and watching friendship and community grow.  I'm so excited to see Gals That Brunch produce exactly that here in Phoenix, bringing ladies of all backgrounds, interests and pursuits together (over a latte or two!) to grow stronger, wiser and more joyful together!