new mexico

Meet your Co- City Leader:


MarkiLee Martinez

I am a native New Mexican.  I have worked at a National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico for my entire adult life, as an undergraduate student to research technologist.  I basically make a living by playing with radioactive material.  I love science.  I am in love with brunch and I could basically live off of coffee and pastries.  So excited to bring some amazing ladies from all walks of life together for brunch.



JC - Ashley Montoya


I am a home grown Northern New Mexican who loves spending most of her time 

Eating and shopping in the lovely culture found Santa Fe area! I currently am a program

Manager for a youth outreach prevention program! I love meeting new people any place any time, learning new 

Things, and finding the best place To sample drinks, desserts, and the best eats!