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Gals That Brunch is an international movement set out to find the very best brunch destinations & resources around the world while at the heart of it we're going after creating spaces to bring  thousands of Gals That Brunchies together around the world through our 55+ Chapters in the US, Australia + growing… GTB (Gals That Brunch) exists to be a catalyst for community, women and all things BRUNCH (Of course :) )!

Our mission is to create a positive, authentic and empowering atmosphere where women can connect with each other and find community within their city. While we are on our way to being the #1 Brunch Resource in the world, it is our heart beat is to see women walk in complete freedom, launched into their destinies, dreams and living the most beautiful stories life has to offer. We believe when a group of women come together to encourage, empower, and speak into each other’s lives it changes lives, atmospheres, cities and our world... "Creating community one brunch at a time..."

GTB began in June 2015 at a popular brunch destination in Virginia Beach. Founder, Tiffany, had recently moved cross-country from Colorado for a job opportunity and was looking for a way to make new friends in a city where she knew not a one.

After waiting two hours to save a table for the first brunch pop-up, she began nervously thinking, ‘What if no one shows up?’ Sure enough, 30 young women came together that day!

They all met as complete strangers with one common goal: to find the best brunch spots in their city while making new friends, networking and establishing community amongst each other.

At every brunch, we see an incredible mix of women from all stages of life. From young professionals to industry leaders; single sistas to supermoms. Some are new to the city and others are just looking to get out, enjoy a mimosa (or two) and meet new faces. While we begin each brunch as strangers, acquaintances, and friends – we end each brunch with a full belly and a full heart.

Since the first event in June 2015, GTB has quickly grown with over 25,000 young women. From east coast to west coast, Gals That Brunch currently spans across 2 Countries, 96 cities in 35 states and is continuously growing. Our core values lie within 1) the heart of community, 2) the feeling of belonging, and 3) finding the best brunch spots across the globe!


Meet Our
unstoppable team

The girls that make the brunch! 


Tiffany Accardi

Founder + President – Los Angeles, CA
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Hey There! We’re so glad your here! I’m Tiffany and in describing myself I would say that… I’m the ultimate advocate of people, a farfetched dreamer and creative that lives for community, pool floating, soulful conversations, + dinner parties . Along with being a 3w4 enneagram obsessed ENFP, a branding and strategy director by day and (of course) a passionate brunchie with the remainder of my time. I love Jesus, traveling, singing my heart out, beer flights and the cutest Chocolate Lab Puppy, Miloski aka Milo ;).

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Southern California; however, for 6 years, I called Denver and Virginia Beach home as a a young professional  – where Gals That Brunch was “birthed”. Since then, I’ve returned to San Diego and navigated north to Los Angeles, where I have based Gals That brunch headquarters here while spending my time continuing to explore our local brunch scene with a greater outlook and perspective, meeting the most incredible women locally & globally and building community relationships with restaurants and local businesses.

I have lived my life to make a bigger impact in some way, shape or form. My passion is to see restoration in hope, peace and joy in society, people thriving and walking into everything that they were meant to be, living the greatest and most beautiful stories possible.

Some Favorite Hometown Brunches (so far): Bay Local & Commune (VA Beach), One Fold & Denver Biscuit (Denver), Wheat and Water (San Diego) + TBD (Los Angeles).

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Leena Asuma

Partnerships + Marketing (CMO) – Milwaukee, WI

I am Leena Asuma, a born-and-raised Midwest gal calling Milwaukee my home with my long-time boyfriend & best friend, Jeff. I work in sales for a large denim manufacturer while moonlighting as a lifestyle blogger, digital content strategist, and marketing consultant. I’m a laid back Wisconsin gal with a love for all things pink & sparkly, photography, music & movies, and of course brunch. As a self-diagnosed eggs ben-addict, I am always on the lookout for a great tasting hollandaise, interesting variations to the classic favorite, and the perfect poached eggs. A few fun facts about me are that I am currently training for a half marathon (which is why it’s so important to keep my egg intake up), I have four older brothers (which is why I love opportunities to connect with other gals), I am 100% Finnish (which is why I am so pale), and I love meeting new people and sharing a cup of coffee, a tasty meal, or a cold beer (self-explanatory).Check out more of my work on my website.

Stevens, Jubilee.jpg

Jubilee Stevens

Communications – Denver, CO

Hey there, I’m Jubilee. I am California girl born and raised now living in Denver, CO these days. As a San Diego native I love everything about the ocean and feel most alive in its presence (now trying to find that here in the mountains). I am a consultant by day, coffee connoisseur for fun and a mermaid at heart. Of the things I am, my absolute favorite is being an aunt. I have never met a cheese I didn’t like. And coffee is my love language. I am passionate about my family, animals and FOOD. Also, baking is my jam. And breakfast foods are hands-down my favorite, so why not brunch on a regular basis? I am a true believer that life was meant to be done in community and not alone… so what a perfect way to gather around the table and build community with other lovely gals. I am excited to meet you all over some scrumptious brunch food and a mimosa or two.

Zollner, Liz.jpg

Liz Zollner

Operations – Chicago, IL

I am a native-born Chicagoan turned New York Explorer. I am just starting off as a small business owner in the event/wedding planning industry. I taught special education on the west side of Chicago before deciding to change careers. I am an avid lover of brunch, craft cocktails and beer, good food, and great company! I am thrilled about the opportunity to expand my list of brunch spots in NYC and meeting new people.


Chelsea Kardokus

Website Master – Washington, DC

Originally from small town Idaho, I've made way across the country to Washington DC! I'm a graphic designer with a small business called 23&9 Creative - designing websites + brands for bold #bossladies! A few random facts: I love Crossfit. I love coffee. I love Gilmore Girls. I love cooking. I love my semi-evil cat who used to be on Xanax. I love sleeping in. I love Taylor Swift. I love tiny homes. I love margaritas. Talk to me about any of these and we will be bffs.