Fig Tree Eatery Review - San Diego, CA

By Tiffany

Fig Tree Café has been a San Diego favorite for the last 8 years, and rightfully so. Boasting an inviting and genuine dining experience, their California culinary culture is committed to using homegrown rosemary as well as select produce and eggs from a local farm in Ramona.

When you walk up, you’ll see a sprinkling of folks anxiously awaiting their brunch. Saturday and Sunday are their busiest brunch days, but you’ll always find a steady stream of patrons throughout the week as well. Gals That Brunch (GTB) has now made two stops at the Fig Tree Café in Pacific Beach and it never disappoints. With its appealing treehouse-like character, open kitchen concept and dog friendly patio, it’s a true representation of the heart of San Diego and Pacific Beach - a breath of fresh air, free and homey. You just have to bask in it for a moment. You’re also guaranteed to see at least one adorable puppy while you’re there, and who doesn’t love puppies and brunch?


The Brunch

There’s something on their menu that will satisfy every palette and preference. Aside from the classic brunch dishes, they offer options for veggie lovers, Paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free dietary needs.

The food is consistent, timely, and delicious. As a more savory brunch gal, a self-proclaimed Benedict queen, and if there’s a seafood brunch option, I go weak at the knees, I can’t help but drift to that side of the menu while others at our table are exclaiming over the french toast & chocolate drizzled what?!

On Sunday, I was torn between the shrimp frittata or house-made lobster and blue crab cakes “Bennie”. As I was about to go for my usual Benedict, I swung in for a last minute switch to the frittata, and that was a great decision. I keep a list of memorable brunch dishes, and this dish is definitely one of them. It’s an opened-faced omelet with shrimp, corn, Anaheim chilies, mozzarella cheese and a chipotle cream sauce. It’s savory and bold with a hint of sweet, spicy and a teensy tiny bit of smokiness. Each bite is a reminder of the Fig Tree’s intentional culinary thoughtfulness to their menu and ode to California cuisine.

When I called earlier in the week, Fig Tree’s messaging system happened to mention, “Home of the best french toast”, and here at GTB, those are words for a #brunchshowdown challenge! We put our best brunch gals up to the task. They cleansed their palettes, took a deep breath and then they had to decide…

Gal A: “Should I get the stuffed french toast with mascarpone, mangos and strawberries?”
Gal B: “Wow, look at the brownie french toast. Can I really get away with a dessert for breakfast?”
Gal C: “Those pistachio pancakes sound so good.”
Gal B: “Maybe if I go with a fruit topping. That’ll make it healthier, right?”
Gal D: “I’m all about the bananas foster.”
Gal B: “Screw it. Just give me that brownie deliciousness!”

One of our gals did a little happy dance when she found out she could partake in the french toast challenge with a gluten-free twist. Unfortunately, this is surprisingly rare in the brunch scene and overall scope of gluten-free options, so kudos to you, Fig Tree.

It was the hardest decision one might have to face all day, but the gals were brave, made their selection, partook and didn't stop for a breath. When I asked for a temperature check, I got thumbs high up in the air! You'll have to tune in later this year for the best in San Diego. But as for the winner on this day, it was a tie(!) between the "Valentine" french toast (stuffed french toast topped with fresh raspberries, white chocolate and raspberry sauce) and the "Berry Sweet" french toast (house-made mixed berry jam, fresh berries and sweet cream cheese). De-lish!


Around The Table

At this brunch sesh, we had familiar friends and new friends; we debated about the best San Diego brunch spots so far, with Fig Tree landing on top (we do quarterly votes to update our Best of Brunch page). Several of the girls couldn’t wait to take a significant other or visiting family member to this new-found favorite. One of our gals ordered the lavender Bellini to which another gal chimed in that she needs one too! We swooned over the light pink, lavender-infused cocktail. We explored the caffeine sampler and discussed which one was our favorite; it was a tie between the Mexican mocha or just the regular latte.

We talked about life - our stories, careers, family and love. A few of the gals happened to have all moved here from New York within the last couple of months. We had a young military mom of three enjoying a relaxing morning with new friends, some San Diego natives looking to expand their social circles, we had a little bit of everyone which makes each brunch so splendidly diverse and lovely. I can’t help but think and dream about this community that’s growing. Something just happens every time we all sit down together. Its electric, healing and beautiful.

To learn more about Fig Tree Café, click here: About - Fig Tree Eatery