Meet the City Leaders:

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Amanda Porta

I am 27 years old and a Houstonian transplant from Missouri. My husband and his family are Italian. We love cooking, traveling, speaking italian as much as we can! We have great appreciation for an italian saying, "L'arte d'arrangiarsi." It stands for "creating something out of nothing." That can be applied to so many aspects of life from meals, art, relationships, and now, starting a movement of community in my city!  I was a flight attendant for the last six years and just recently left my position to spend more time at home with my seven month old son. I really love to get out socially in the community. That is how I came across Gals That Brunch. I was seeking a different kind of gathering experience

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Victoria Fry

My name is Victoria and I live in Houston, TX. I am a new mom, foster dogs, and foodie at heart. I enjoy being social, especially when food is involved. It is true when they say, “everything is bigger in TEXAS”. Houston is packed with tons of great eateries that pair perfectly with Southern Hospitality.


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