Meet the City Leader:


Kaleigh Brandon - Hutchison

Hey there! My name is Kaleigh and I am a cat-loving, Taylor Swift-obsessed, slightly-competitive, nerdy CPA, and (*wonderful*) wife to my husband, Kevin. I am blessed beyond measure to work for a wonderful pharmaceutical and medical device company as my 9-5, but I also teach group fitness classes at OrangeTheory Fitness and [solidcore]. Teaching group fitness truly fulfills a part of my heart I never knew was missing. The relationships I have made with my members have turned into friendships I can’t imagine my life without!

When I’m not working or teaching a class, I love to work up a sweat and am always working towards my next big hairy, scary goal (hello 2019 triathalon). I love to travel the world with my husband and am almost always planning or thinking about my next vacation. I love to spend time with my friends and family, relaxing over a nice glass of wine or a good, hoppy IPA. Online shopping is a painful addiction for me #sorryhusband.

I am excited to be a part of Gals That Brunch! It’s such a positive and inspiring community and concept that empowers, uplifts, and supports other females!!! Something that we need tons MORE of in this world! I also love that it could bring females together who otherwise might not have a chance to meet and connect. As someone who moved to Indiana 8 years ago without a strong group of female friends, it was challenging. Making friends as an adult can be hard! I believe that Gals that Brunch would foster the opportunity for ladies to create that strong close knit circle that can be hard for adults to make. I look forward to the growth of Gals That Brunch in the Indianapolis community!