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Meet the City Leaders:


Lynsey Freeman

Hi, I'm Lynsey! I'm a proud Las Vegas native - Go Rebels and Golden Knights! I am a Financial Advisor who has always geeked out over the stock market and the art of money management. I am also focused on putting my passions and skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that I really care about. Whether it's driving key healthcare initiatives for the Las Vegas youth or volunteering and advocating for gender equality. I love connecting people - especially women (I mean we do run the world - Beyonce said it). I'm obsessed with Sports Jeopardy and my pug, Louie. I have a persistent travel bug that may never go away and I'm always looking for new travel recommendations. My end goal is a complete world dominance, so why not start in Vegas? I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the GTB crew and can't wait to meet and connect other women while hitting the best brunch spots in town.


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