Meet the City Leader:


Leena Asuma

I am Leena Asuma, a born-and-raised Midwest gal calling Milwaukee my home with my long-time boyfriend & best friend, Jeff. I work in sales for a large denim manufacturer while moonlighting as a lifestyle blogger, digital content strategist, and marketing consultant. I’m a laid back Wisconsin gal with a love for all things pink & sparkly, photography, music & movies, and of course brunch. As a self-diagnosed eggs ben-addict, I am always on the lookout for a great tasting hollandaise, interesting variations to the classic favorite, and the perfect poached eggs. A few fun facts about me are that I am currently training for a half marathon (which is why it’s so important to keep my egg intake up), I have four older brothers (which is why I love opportunities to connect with other gals), I am 100% Finnish (which is why I am so pale), and I love meeting new people and sharing a cup of coffee, a tasty meal, or a cold beer (self-explanatory).  


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