Meet the City Leader:


Johanna Lupardus

Hello ladies! My name is Johanna. Monday thru Friday I work as an international sales manager for an event company, luckily from the comfort of my own home. On the weekends, I'm a beach seeker, hiker wanna be, and meditation & crystals junkie. I'm also an obsessed doggy mama and a proud military wife 🇺🇲 In the last 5 years, I lived in Virginia Beach where I got to meet Tiffany, our Gals that Brunch Founder. It's crazy to look back in time and see what started as a small Sunday get together, grew into a nation wide movement filled with beautiful ladies from all stages in life. Many of the ladies I met then, have become some of my bestest friends and favorite people of all time! Needless to say, I am fierce advocate for women, environment, and animals. Now, that I find myself in the beautiful island of O'ahu, I am so excited to explore all the brunch places we can find in this magical place together! So, please join me and let's build friendships & community over mimosas and delicious food!!


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