Meet the City Leaders:

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Kysa Bashir

My name is Kysa and I am all about curating a millennial #girlboss lifestyle with an emphasis on style, feminism, and local love. Gals that Brunch combines these passions perfectly and I’m thrilled to be on board as your Ottawa City Leader! I’m also a huge girl gang advocate, and can’t wait to connect with fiery females from all corners of this pretty little, big city.

Wandering through cities is one of my favourite pastimes - both in this city that I choose to call home, and abroad. Nothing excites me more than learning about a city through exploring the local culture, restaurants, cafes, events, businesses, and organizations. Ottawa boasts an eclectic food and cafe scene that highlights high-quality, local ingredients. I’m super excited to take this city’s brunch scene by storm with all of you #bossbabes!