west virginia

Meet the City Leaders:

West Virginia

Samantha Smith

Hello Beauties!

My name is Samantha Smith. As a native to

West Virginia, I live for the mountains and all

they have to offer. It is beautiful to watch the

moments they can create if you let them. I am

an ever evolving mother of 3 and a blessed

wife! My curiosity has led me to grow myself as

a massage therapist who is just starting off as a

small business owner curating my own studio

and event space better known as Urban Studio.

I love all things that grow the heart, soul,

movement and dreams of all women. Gals that

brunch has an authentic, bright and daringly

beautiful baseline that brings core values into

everyday lives, all around the globe. (Not to

mention food, drinks and open conversation to

one like minded space!) I am very passionate

and purposeful with all things, which is why I

am looking forward to the organic relationship

growth of Gals That Brunch in West Virginia!


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