Meet the City Leaders:


Lauren + Jillian

Hey! Lauren and Jillian here! We are two gals that love to cook, host, talk about the deep stuff, and make new friends. We are both Oregon transplants and met just over a year ago, but it’s almost like we’ve known each other for a decade - it just seems like we were made to be friends. Of the many things we love to do together (like painting; ice skating; going to the theatre; and teasing our husbands), cooking is one of the main ways we have bonded. Lauren does a little bit of everything, but her pie crust is pitch perfect. Jillian doesn’t claim any specialties, but is willing to be a little wild and crazy and try new things. We’ve both lived overseas and think our lives are so much richer for that experience. We can’t wait to expand our worlds even more by meeting fellow PDX gals!


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