ontario, Canada

Meet the City Leader:

Gals That Brunch Toronto


Hi, I'm Sharana. By day, I’m taking over corporate Toronto and by night; I live, breathe and most importantly eat this crazy city I call home. To say I’m biasedly swoon over the six ( thank you Drake) is a complete understatement. Nothing excites me more than the bright city lights, smells of fresh food wafting through the bustling streets and our people – our people are second to none.

I’m a mama to a strong willed, independent, confident little lady who is the light of my life. I’m a coffee fiend and a Rosé all day supporter. I’m a Girl Gang Advocate; because no matter who you are or whatever walk of path you may be on, team work makes the dream work. I bleed sarcasm. I love to laugh, love to cook (and eat), love to entertain and more than anything else could literally brunch so hard (…did someone say mimosa?)!

My life can be summarized as “Eff-yes”; while crude by the sound of it I live by Food, Fashion, Family & Fierce Females. Besides that, I’m seeking world domination and I want to take you along for the adventure. I can’t wait for us to grow, inspire, empower, and connect; to reassure women that we do in fact run the world.


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