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Meet the City Leaders:

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Odester Hepburn

Hi my name is Odester Hepburn and I am extremely excited about joining Gals that Brunch VB as a leader. My family is from Jamaica, so I’ve always liked unique cuisine.  I currently work at Anthem Inc., as a Process Expert (process improvement).   I love to brunch and I love trying out all types of food.  During my free time I’m doing CrossFit, Zumba, and of course trying out a restaurant.

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I live for adventure and the excitement of traveling to new destinations with wonderful friends. My first career was spent as a flight attendant. Since then, I have transitioned to life as a physical therapist assistant. It is always nice to see the improvement you have made in someone’s life. I truly believe life is too short to live the same day on repeat and I try to have has many new experiences as possible. Gals That Brunch is a great way to try new places and meet people from all walks of life. Although it is a brunch group, I venture out and throw in local events, festivals, and game nights!


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