Gals That Brunch: Baltimore | Member Feature: Karla G

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Inside Gals That Brunch - Baltimore

As of April, we officially launched our Baltimore chapter of GTB (hip hip hooray) with a kick off brunch at Rachel, a quaint farm to table restaurant on a cozy street corner in historic Federal Hill, Maryland. We had a wonderful turnout in an intimate setting, with several gals looking forward to what the future of the chapter had in store! Karla Garcia was a first time GTB attendee who followed the organization for several months waiting anxiously for the launch of a local Maryland chapter. Our Baltimore chapter leader, Carly Ross (Blogger: @ Old New River View) , interviewed her for her take on the launch of the Baltimore chapter and to find out how she’s been getting her brunch on since!

Oh' Hey Girl Heyyyy!

Meet Karla G

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GTB Leader - Carly: Why did you join/attend Baltimore gals that brunch launch event at Rachel?

GTB'r - Karla G: I attended the gals that brunch Baltimore event because I saw this as a great opportunity to network and meet other gals like me! Also, to get to try a new restaurant in Baltimore.

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GTB Leader - Carly: What did you order? What did you drink?

GTB'r - Karla G: When I arrived, I ordered a white sangria while I met everyone. The white sangria was very good and strong. I’m normally a red wine gal so I was impressed! After meeting everyone, we sat down and I ordered a Caesar salad, then steak and eggs. My steak and eggs were delicious! The steak was cooked at the right temperature and Rachel has this signature bread they use that gave it a sweet twist---that was great. Overall, the portion size was good; the plate also came with potatoes and a side salad.

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GTB leader - Carly: What was your favorite thing about the atmosphere/environment?

GTB'r - Karla: My favorite thing about the atmosphere and environment was the setup of the room. The way the table was set up was so elegant, I thought I was at a wedding! Rachel plays great music; was listening to a variety of throwbacks that I hadn’t heard in forever! Who doesn’t love that? I love hearing throwbacks!



GTB City Leader - Carly: What was the BEST thing you ate?

GTB'r - Karla: My favorite thing that I ate was actually the bread that came under my eggs - ha! It was so delicious even had a sweetness to it! 

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GTB City Leader - Carly: What was your FAVORITE part about the brunch?

GTB'r - Karla: My favorite part of brunch was when we sat down and ate. Not only because we ate, but because it gave us the opportunity to talk as a group and throw ideas out for upcoming events. I thought that was great because I learned a lot from the other girls and also got ideas of places to try and things to do!

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GTB Leader - Carly: Did you meet new boss babes? If so, have you stayed connected with any of them?


GTB'r Karla - I did meet a lot of Boss Babes! I kept in touch with the Chapter Leader (Carly) and have attended every B'more chapter event since. and have been so inspired I actually recently just started the DC Chapter, which just launched in July! 






GTB Leader - Carly: If you could change one thing about the brunch event, what would it be?

GTB'r - Karla: One thing about the brunch event I probably would change is the time. 10:30 was a bit early (I am not a morning person) and I wake up at 6 every day for work, so I try to sleep in on weekends. With that being said, maybe 11 or noon for future brunch events would be nice!

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GTB Leader -  Carly: Would you attend another gals that brunch event (in Baltimore or elsewhere)?

GTB'r - Karla: Yes, I will gladly attend another gals that brunch B’more event! I attended the May and June events and funny you should ask, I am just a tad closer to DC and reached out to see how I could start a chapter! I am proud to say we are now launching a DC chapter in July and eager to get started! Carly and I agreed to attend at least one of each other’s chapters events each year!


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Thank you to our following vendors & friends that helped us launch GTB Baltimore so beautifully, make sure to check them out <3! 

Shannon Lynn: Photography

Everyday Rose Events/Mallory Kwiatkowski: Flowers

Coffee & Calligraphy/Yvonne Lawson: Calligraphy

Bundles & Bits: Artisan Giftboxes

Everistta Bridal Gal/Lindsay Van Cleave: Jewelry

It is with much disappointment to report that Rachel is closed for business.