Dish Restaurant Review - Virginia Beach, VA

By Arielle J. Patterson

When Dish Restaurant opened in 2014, it brought a new flavor from a different region to Virginia Beach. Owner Carina Boqvist Bergdoll wanted to serve up her Swedish roots with a taste of Scandinavia in every dish. Gals That Brunch-Virginia Beach visited Dish for the unique menu, but stayed for the numerous mimosa options and left with a full belly and a smile on our faces.

The Drinks

Holy mimosas! Dish stands out from any restaurant GTB-VB has been to solely for the 18 different mimosa options. We managed to try eight of them through our hour and a half long brunch. On Saturday's, Dish also offers a table side champagne service so you can mix your own mimosas, with fresh fruits and juices, right at the table.


Almost all of the Gals started with the Lingonberry Mosa. What is a lingonberry, you ask? Our amazing server explained that a lingonberry is a cross between a blueberry and a cranberry. The lingonberries rest at the the bottom of the champagne flute and raspberry liqueur, champagne and lemon lime soda are poured over them.

The Gals took the menu as a challenge and wanted to try as many as we could. The Southern Belle tastes like an alcoholic Arnold Palmer (sweet tea + lemonade), complemented by champagne. The Bloody Mosa gets its name from the blood orange juice that puts a twist on the classic mimosa. Another different take on the classic is the Pama Mosa, that uses pomegranate liqueur, orange juice, champagne and lemon lime soda.

Some of the Gals wanted something a little stronger. Someone tried the Cream Soda Mosa that combined vanilla vodka, Captain Morgan rum, ginger ale and champagne. Another more potent option was the Pirates Mosa with Myers rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and champagne. There was also the Viva La Mosa. While I love the combination of tequila and grapefruit juice, I would never think to add champagne also, but Dish did. Probably the most interesting mimosa, that one Gal dared to try, was the Fire Fizz Mosa. Bet you've never had a mimosa with Fireball, apple juice and champagne.

All mimosas start at $2.50, but the ones with a little extra spirit cost $3.50. That's a steal considering they don't skimp on the alcohol.

Come to think of it, Dish doesn't skimp out on anything. Warning: visit Dish on an empty stomach or you will be walking out with a box (or two).

The Brunch

Dish doesn't have a specific menu just for brunch. When you walk in, the hostess will ask if you want breakfast or lunch. While most of the Gals did choose brunch, a few ordered off the lunch menu.


If you go to a Swedish restaurant, you have to order Swedish pancakes. That's the philosophy one of the Gals had when she ordered the Signature Swedish Pancakes. Two Swedish pancakes, topped with lingonberries and whipped cream, are served with two eggs, and a choice of breakfast meat. I seriously encourage anyone who comes to Dish to order at least one thing with lingonberries. Whether that's the mimosa or these pancakes. I guarantee you won't be able to find them anywhere else in Hampton Roads.


I tried the Stuffed Belgian Waffles. Before ordering, I asked our server how the waffles are stuffed. She explained that blueberries and sweet cheese are actually sandwiched between two waffles. I was thinking two half waffles. Boy, was I wrong. I got two full waffles but I certainly wasn't complaining. At first the idea of sweet cheese scared me a little, but it paired well with the sweetness of the blueberries.


One Gal wanted to venture into the seafood side, so she ordered the Red Tide omelet. Named after the street Dish is located on, the Red Tide features fresh tomatoes, onions, spinach, lump crab meat and feta cheese. While the omelet was good, feta cheese doesn't melt so you loose the ooey goodness that melted cheese typically brings to an omelet.

On the classic side, you can order a dish like the Noble Prize. If you want to maximize that, try The Viking.

When you order The Viking, you get three eggs, one waffle, two buttermilk pancakes, bacon, sausage, and your choice of toast and grits or grilled potatoes. On the menu, there's a disclaimer that "only a true Viking can eat this!" Dish makes that possible by giving the lucky diner a Viking helmet.

For breakfast, Dish also serves six types of eggs benedict, three types of french toast, three breakfast wrap options and a variety of omelets, waffles and pancakes.

On the lunch side, you can find appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers.


I was so excited when one Gal ordered the Grilled Wild Game Bangers. This sandwich has venison, with lingonberry relish, and wild boar, with pickled blueberries, topped with a grain mustard and house sauerkraut on buttered potato rolls. I can safely say that this was the first time in GTB history that venison and wild boar has EVER been ordered.

Around the Table


Brunching at Dish sent our taste buds on a vacation to a region thousands of miles away. My only regret is that we didn't order the Swedish meatballs for the table. It was great to see all of the Gals break out of their comfort zones and try something different. Experiencing new cuisine is just one of the many perks of being a Gal!