The Southern Gentleman Review - Atlanta

By Sara

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of dining with a group of women I have never met before! And part of that back story is that I was recently charged with setting up a Gals That Brunch chapter in Atlanta. Gals that Brunch (GTB) is a group where women come together, meet new friends, and then of course find the best brunch spots Atlanta has to offer. I mean, if someone has to do it... I was super excited to set up our first brunch at The Southern Gentleman in Buckhead, Ga.

If you have never been to Buckhead, here is what you need to know. It is one of the more upscale parts of Atlanta. It's just inside the perimeter, so close enough to downtown to get that Atlanta feel but far enough out that you don't have tons of traffic that Atlanta is infamous for. I've been to NYC and I promise you ATL traffic gives it a run for its money.

So why did I choose The Southern Gentleman for brunch? Well I had never been, but I did know that they had live music and I had friends who had liked it. So why not? When I got there, a few women were waiting for me. You know that moment where everyone is trying to not be a little awkward but it still happens? Yeah, we were having that moment. But it quickly passed as we were seated inside at a beautiful table with simple decor. The space was alive with music and champagne bottles popping every few minutes. A very cozy atmosphere for sure.

Our waitress, Victoria, was pretty awesome. She was very attentive and offered to take our group photo. But let’s get to my favorite part: THE FOOD DUH! 


We all started with mimosas. The seasonal mimosa was raspberry and very yummy! I had the smoked salmon rillettes with riddled benne seed toast, a mustard anglaise, pickled onions and salad greens. Absolutely delicious!!

Along with that, I had one of the specials which was a crab cake, topped with two sunny side up eggs and benne seed toast. All this on top of cheesy grits.As a southerner there are many food staples and grits, my lovelies, is definitely one of them.

Some Gals also ordered the Monte Cristo, the blackberry French toast and the truffle omelet.

The Southern Gentleman not only has great food, but also a light and happy atmosphere that fills the room. I loved getting to know my new Gals and I can’t wait to host another brunch very soon. Until then, cheers babes!!

-XO Sara